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Gift Shop

There are always a few gifts or tokens for a memory in our little store. We enjoy featuring local craftsmen with Wayne County goodies. Our very own jams, jellies and fruit butters are always available. Please call 570-253-5573 or email; bnb@jamesmanninghouse.com if you would like to order any time.

Jams, Jellies, and Fruit Butters, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Jams, Jellies, and Fruit Butters

Our flavors vary according to local harvests.  Some of the standard flavors include; strawberry, crabapple, elderberry, blueberry, peach, jalapeno, raspberry, and others.  Then there are some unusual flavors; bumble berry, autumn cranberry pear, habanero gold, jostaberry, mulled cider, Dutch apple pie jam, ginger pear, basil banana pepper and others.  We often carry apple butter, blueberry butter, strawberry syrup, blueberry syrup and salsas, just to name a few.
James Manning House Mugs, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

James Manning House Mugs

These beautiful mugs are made in the USA, Minnesota, by the Deneen Pottery company.  Currently, we have four colors and two different shapes.  The green and brown mugs hold 12oz. of liquid and our black and white mugs hold 10 oz. of liquid.
Manning House Ornaments, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Manning House Ornaments

Just a little remembrance of you stay to hang on the tree or any place you please. Hand thrown.
Handmade Scarves, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Handmade Scarves

Maple Syrup, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Maple Syrup

Locally made in Wayne County Pennsylvania. There are assorted containers and sizes.
Therapeutic Corn Bags, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Therapeutic Corn Bags

Great for aches and pains, just heat in the microwave. Three different shapes for different parts of the body.
Springerle Rolling Pins and Boards, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Springerle Rolling Pins and Boards

Used for making cookies and decorations. We will include a recipe with the purchase of these molds.
Mt. Pleasant Herbary, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Mt. Pleasant Herbary

For your pleasure we are now carrying locally crafted skin products from Mt. Pleasant Herbary. This natural and organic skin care is finely crafted with herbs grown locally (some mint is even from our property) and include soaps, lotions, healing salves, bug balms, and more. We also carry some of their herbal teas blends.
Moka Origins, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Moka Origins

We are proud to carry Moka Origins fresh roasted specialty coffees and bean-to-bar chocolates.  The coffee beans come in a variety of roasts for every taste.  The chocolates are rich and dark and we stock a variety of flavors including, cherry and lemon ginger among others.  Every purchase of these products helps sustainable farming in third world countries. Read more about this company at mokaorigins.com.
Wood Art, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Wood Art

Beautiful wood art in practical forms created by Vince Griffis, local woodworker and former teacher, using assorted and exotic hardwoods.
Comphy Sheets, James Manning B&B, Honesdale, PA

Comphy Sheets

When the question is asked in the morning, “Where do you buy your sheets? They’re so soft!” I answer, Comphy Sheets, and you can purchase them through me. I am happy to get you just the bedding you need, and in an assortment of colors. The sheets will be shipped right to your door.

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